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Blonde sensual domination chicago

Chicago Blonde BBW Companion Erin Black

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “sensual domination” thrown around before, but you’re really unsure as to what that entails. It can all be super confusing, and the last thing you want to do is offend someone by asking an inappropriate question.

For me, “sensual domination” means that the boundaries between me and you are far more fluid. Traditional domination generally doesn’t involve intimacy on a more personal level, and it’s one of the reasons I lost interest in traditional domination on a professional level.

My interests are vast and varied, and if you need a reminder about them, you can click the button below.

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Each session is designed specifically to suit what you’re looking for, and no two sessions are the same!

While I do appreciate and encourage you to share your fantasies with me, I don’t care for prescriptive scenarios that leave me little room for creativity. Bring your fantasies to me,but let me add my own unique twist to them, if you will!

Other than that, sensual domination sessions are generally more personal, intimate, and generally involve little to no pain play.

You are indeed, and I will reiterate this once we get started. I encourage you to touch, squeeze, hug, and hold me; I really enjoy being touched.

Body worship, queening, and smothering sessions are particularly fabulous if you’re into touching and exploring.

Kissing moves you into a different category of experience. If you’d like to be intimate on that level, please see

Generally speaking, you can have your cake and eat it, too. 😉 I do ask that when sending over your wants and desires that you keep the length of the session you want in mind, particularly if you’re new to anal play or kink in general.  Warm up does take time, as does getting comfortable!

If you’re interested in combining multiple areas of play, I do recommend booking at least 90 minutes so we aren’t rushed.



I’m so glad you asked!

I wrote a blog post about preparing for an anal experience. If you’re intending on booking me for anything involving your ass, I recommend reading it. you can read it here.

Other than that, I ask that you either come freshly showered or shower at my location prior to us getting started. Toiletries, including mouthwash, are always available at my space.

Mental preparation is often just as important, and I ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to play and experience something new.

Expecting our session to look like the porn you’ve been watching isn’t a realistic one to have, so please leave any of those expectations at the door.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, I certainly will be! This touching can include my hands, feet, lips, and mouth depending on the scene.

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Blonde sensual domination chicago


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Blonde sensual domination chicago

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